Meet Nikki Martin, our founder and resident Lead Unicorn. Born and raised in Brooklyn to West Indian immigrant parents, Nikki is a seasoned creative with over two decades of experience in the fashion industry. Her love for unique accessories and passion for drawing led her to pursue higher education at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where she honed her craft and cultivated a sharp eye for design.


Throughout her career, Nikki has served as a fit expert for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Brooks Brothers, United Airlines, Ralph Lauren, and Jennifer Lopez. But it was her firsthand experiences with discrimination and racism within the fashion industry that truly shaped her vision for Tails n Tassels. Driven by a deep commitment to inclusivity and boldness, she relaunched the brand in 2017.


Today, Nikki pours her heart and soul into empowering unicorns of every hue and shade with elevated accessories and jewelry that celebrate their unique spirit and style. Based in New York where she resides with her husband, Nikki leads the charge on a mission to inspire creativity and confidence in all who join the Tails n Tassels community. Welcome to our magical world, where every unicorn shines bright!


If you'd like to consult with Nikki and tap her fit expertise, please visit her fit focused sister platform at www.billiondollarfit.com